Sunday, August 22, 2010

Boarding House Design

Boarding House Design

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Boarding house design is located in Purwokerto (Central Java, Indonesia) which is adjacent to one of the main campus in the city.

To optimize the land, the design is made storey rooming house two floors with a rooms total on one of five rooms, and at the second floor there are also five rooms.With the configuration of the building resembles the letter L, it will be a parking lot on the capacity of six cars are placed in parallel.

As for the room and service support consists of a boarding house guest rooms as well as room to watch TV on the floor first. To the second floor there is the laundry room and a kitchen that can be used in general for dorm residents.

Boarding room standard room size is 3:25 × 4.5 with a private bathroom each one in the room.

Overall building shapes look forward to adopt a minimalist character of the modern building, with the dominant form of boxes on the second floor balcony area.

For the total building area is 255 m2.

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